MSC Malaysia eSolutions

About eSolutions

MSC Malaysia eSolutions is a platform that houses a wide array of innovative products and services offered by MSC Malaysia companies who are into producing software, hardware, global business services, animation, games, new media and so on.

eSolutions is a platform where Buyers, Sellers, Affiliates and Funders can actively engage in trading and in creating win-win partnership.

Buyers, Sellers, Affiliates and Funders can also use this platform to extend their networks for business opportunities, new venture interests and to find promising business partners.



Technology Innovation Platform Conference 2016

Thu, 03/10/2016 - 17:40
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Progressing through innovation.
A platform for companies to learn about opportunities and trends for innovation
Discover the opportunities and potential in developing innovative products and services for the global market in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, 3D printing and Security

Gain Access to  Industry  and  technology  experts

Learn  the various  IP strategies to adopt i.e. IP competitiveness  reinforcement, etc

Learn About  grant offerings  from Matrade  & MDeC

PitchIP: Discover Innovative, commercially viable IPs for new business opportunities for your company’s growth and potential collaboration/ alliances

IP clinic One-to-one  session with  IP consultants for you  to address your  queries on intellectual property

 Closing date for registration will be on 23rd March 2016 so click here to secure you seats now