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Reach Your Audience at the Right Time, in the Right Place with a Programmatic Booking Platform

Programmatic transforms the media buying process. When automated, you can plan, book and track from anywhere and at any time. The big opportunity for brands is in targeted advertising – the ability to use insights gained from Big Data to optimise advertising campaigns.

Campaigns that are relevant to the audience looking at the ad have the best chances of influencing purchases. For example, your coffee advert is most effective in the morning hours, targeting the people passing near your location, on their way to work.

Moving Audiences is the programmatic booking system for advertisers to plan, book and track their campaigns. Such a system automates the whole Out-of-Home booking process. It also allows flexibility to make changes, change location and/or time depending on the density and demography of consumer traffic around the screens.

Why Moving Audiences?

Moving Experiences has been pioneering digital experiential campaigns in Malaysia – Won Silver for Best Creative Team at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015 held in Singapore. Moving Walls was overall 2nd in South Asia, Southeast Asia and ANZ region.

• Targeting Ability: With sensors and eyeball tracking, advertisers have the same targeting ability as online but will reach consumers in the real world.

• Level Playing Field: Moving Audiences has already opened outdoor advertising doors to small retailers, many of whom have never run advertisements on digital billboards. With programmatic, brands can book smaller spots at optimal times, rather than be bound ona long-term contract.

• Change Creatives: Advertisers can change their advertisements to match their seasonal promotions and even distribute digital vouchers.

• Measurement: The booking platform is integrated with Moving Insights, which provides valuable insights for planning your campaign and real-time reports about the results. With these tools, brands get to know which of their campaigns was most effective and use the same elements in future campaigns.

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Plan, Book and Track your advertising campaign to target consumers at the most relevant time of day and location

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