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E-business (design and develop software product for life and general insurance for global market), E-Learning (develop content, presentation for IT courses and provide distance learning facilities for the Insurance industry and IT practitioner), PentaHelp (on-line support system on the web for extensive customer service).
Address : Suite 3A-02 3rd Floor, Menara PJ (Block A), Amcorp Trade Centre, 18 Jalan Persiaran Barat Petaling Jaya, 46050, Selangor , Malaysia
Cluster : InfoTech
Contacts : AETINS provides technology-enabled business solutions exclusively for Insurance and Takaful Industries.   AETINS focuses only in Insurance and Takaful industries. With this focus, AETINS is very good in understanding and providing thought leading recommendations for Insurance and Takaful businesses. Its unique proposition is a single framework, known as Insurance Solution Framework (ISF) for all lines of insurance business across all functions, which is customer-centric, channel-centric, product-centric, and process-oriented.   AETINS is keen to hear from potential Insurance & Takaful Operators seeking to innovate and modernize their business operations and digital transformation.  We are also seeking Partners to resell and support our solutions.  
Market Access to region, Europe, North America, South America, Other requirements Looking for Partners in the above regions


PITTACUS [Requests Management Tool]

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 09:44
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This is a Web-based request management system for handling all the Ad-hoc requests or Problems with your production Systems. It has excellent filtering and security options to address desired level of information security and to suit different workflows. For project based environments, multiple projects can be created and Requests/Problems tracked under each. With facilities to define and track SLA, and various analysis and reports; complete control on actual progress of any work with clear measurements of quality is provided.

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