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Optimise your ad spend and measure your campaign using insights from Big Data Analytics

Moving Insights is our Big Data solution that brings together Public, Private and On-Site data together to address Geo-Spatial Business Solutions. We aggregate data from multiple sources to enable programmatic in outdoor advertising. Data is the new oil, and just like oil, this raw data needs to be refined – we apply proprietary predictive models and visualization. It is the first-of-its-kind measurement and tracking solution for Outdoor Media and Retail Marketing.

Efficient Planning & Tracking

The modern citizen is always connected. Connected to social media, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, GPS systems and even by health monitoring devices. The way brands reach consumers in the real world (Out-of-Home) needs to reflect this.

Moving Insights licenses data from some of the leading global players including Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Flickr and Open Weather. This data is refined to create personas by day parts that enable brands to plan and target the right audience in the ideal location. Moving Insights also uses on-site sensors, including cameras, to track the performance of outdoor advertising

Why Moving Insights?

Effective Planning: With Moving Insights, planning your outdoor campaign is automated. View detailed analysis of different media assets to know where and when to reach your target audience.

Tracking & Measurement: Just like online advertising, out-of-home campaigns need a standardised measurement system. The Moving Insights platform generates real-time reports about who viewed your ad, how long they saw it and whether you can tweak your campaign to reach even more people.

Programmatic Booking: Moving Insights is a vital cog in the programmatic (automated) booking process. It is integrated onto the Moving Audiences ad-booking platform, where subscribers use the insights to make data-driven decisions.

Unique Selling Point

The first out-of-home advertising measurement system to power data-driven marketing campaigns.

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Silver for Most Innovative Technology and Best Insights and Research Project at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015

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Big Data Analytics, Mobile & Wireless, Internet of Things

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